Sunday, November 05, 2006


Before I begin another rant can I just embark upon another to point out how horrible it is trying type on a laptop that makes you publish a blog when you are nowhere near ready to and where the keyboard is too small to type without mistakes?

So I am probably a total hypocrite for not going to the climate change march (which in some ways I am quite glad I didn't goto - Katie Melua and that guy from Razorlight being 2 of them) on Saturday after my recent environmental diatribes, but I didn't have anyone that wanted to go with me and I had to go and get my bike from the shop after the gear cable snapped on Wednesday.

Anyway, this week's good deed is volunteering to help staff the Crystal Palace Museum, a job which I think will be really interesting and I hope I can offer some skills to, with my links at certain other places with big glasshouses built around a similar time... Am going on a tour of the park next weekend so we can just wait and see. I find local history really quite fascinating, particularly around this area, so I think this will be a good way of finding out more about it and hopefully doing a bit in my community as well.

I need to work out how to post pictures on this blog. Maybe one day I'll get Mike to show me or maybe even spend enough time doing this that I work it out for myself.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our impending doom

We're all going to die in a massive flood because middle aged women refuse to get on their bikes or use public transport because it "isn't convenient enough".


I have NO understanding of why you would choose to sit in your car in a traffic jam in the morning in London, when there are perfectly good transport links available and you are only travelling a distance of about three metres anyway!!!

It makes me mad. Especially since I cycle for about 2 hours every day to get to and from work and I have to join the traffic jams that are caused by these morons.

Monday, October 23, 2006

(The wrong) trousers

Today's maginificent feat of idiocy has been to forget my trousers.

Consequently, I am sitting at my desk wearing shorts (with socks) with my legs under a fleece.

I am also slightly ill.

Friday, October 06, 2006


There is a distinct possibility that I may still be drunk from last night. Went out for "a couple of drinks" which turned rapidly into a few too many drinks and "Oh god I've missed the last train". Something I also managed to do the night before, only the night before I was sober enough to cycle to Clapham and go home from there. I am having a bad week.

Last night (after having cycled down the Mortlake Road without my back light which I'd left on my desk) I realised that the only option was to stay at Crazy phil's house, who then proceeded to spend the entire night fidgeting and who's friend phoned him at about 6am and who then watched wildlife programmes for ages until he decided it was time to go to sleep.

On a positive note I did manage to acquire some good subliminal knowledge (in my half asleep state) about Tapiers, which are apparantly a cross between a horse and a pig and are just a few evolutionary steps away from being a horse. I then had some crazy dreams about showjumping Tapiers.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Shepheds pie!

It 's the end of an era. Joshua the wondercat (aged 17) has finally died. Poor old man. He was a very good pet. Really kind and old. But we think he had a tumour in his stomach and the vet had to give him an injection.

I am making a shepherds (or probably a cottage- beef?) pie. How exciting am I?

Have had a hectic week/ weekend once again (quelle surprise, I never go out). All good though! Got my photos back from the rounders which was very funny, although mainly consisted of many pics of James bedecked in toilet roll. Nutter.

Went round to Phil's house on Friday night and helped him design his flier for his gardening business. (he has a white van, it's very exciting!) I think it looks and sounds pretty cool but then again I am not very artistic so it's hard to say! Went to the pub for a pint or 2 afterwards and then had to scamper back to the palace because me and michael were supposed to be going out for dinner - but he'd got delayed at work. Went for a curry in the end which was ideal. Very nice. Haven't been seeing too much of the boy recently so it was good to spend some "quality time" or whatever. The next day he was getting furniture delivered, so we had anticipated a day waiting for Ikea/ MFI to rock up. Mfi, however decided to "rock up" at 7:45, a bit annoying for a Saturday morning and Ikea came at about 12 (although one of the sofas was broken) so breaking the stereotypes and all that.

The evening was Richard's birthday 'do at a pub in Soho followed by the gardening club in covent garden. Had a really good time with somewhat of a random crowd -mainly constituted by women. Went to one of those Sam Smith brilliant cheap pubs. There's nothing better than cheap beer in London (or anywhere for that matter). Managed to fall asleep in Mike's lap on the nightbus home (actually quite out of character for me) and attract some glances from fellow nightbusers, apparantly thinking I was doing unspeakable things.. ehem. (I definitely wasn't). Brilliantly managed to wake up just as the bus was on Central Hill so managed to avoid all nightbus based rage.

Spent the day today sleeping- and following that, trying to, but not leaving Mike's flat for most of the day because of the torrential rain. Pulled out my mouldy tomatos and and cleaned my bike chain this avo. What a good girl.

Very tired now. Have got chocklit.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Generally have had a completely manic few weeks culminating in the rounders competition last weekend. No we didn't win. Came up against some hard hitting scallys (or dullards as lara termed them) who (just) knocked us out in the semis- bastards.

Came third, a place which I think could be a result of the near constant consumption of stella both the night before, the morning before and during the competition (Ben's arguement being that it seemed to work last year)... The same Ben incidentally who made us stop on the hard shoulder of the M25 to go for a wee because he "couldn't hold it in any longer" ( he was clutching a plastic bottle at the time and the hard shoulder was definitely the preferable option judging by the size of the bottle)....

We developed some good "celebratory tactics" in the form of much arse smacking and "riding the bull" (it's probably best not to ask), which Ben and James demonstrated to excellent effect around the mini roundabouts of york in the middle of the night (among other places). Watch this space for the new "dance sensation" hitting the North East. They certanly bemused several young ladies with their antics anyway...

It was very fun though. After the competition was over we hit the streets of historic York, without much regard for the history, more an insatiable desire for alcohol, which was consumed in quantity followed by nearly a very big mistake in visiting the nightlife (a club called Gallery- thank the sweet lord lawrence was wearing trainers) and then the discovery of an awesome disco where much arse smacking and riding of the bull was beheld. Spectacular.

Lara also managed to "fuck off one of the dullards" to excellent effect by calling him a dullard at high volume in the street (who doesn't know what the royal botanic gardens are I ask you?!)Unfortunately his friend did't quite get the hint and proceeded to hang around looking creepy all night. Lara also demonstrated some excellent work in getting Andy "I don't dance" to dance (well sort of anyway, if you count manually dragging him around the dance floor)

Aside from all this Lawrence did some truly nasty things with a hat on the dance floor to stop some poor northern lad borrowing it, James spent a lot of time running round the "conference accomodation" with large handfuls of toilet roll (he's a very considerate prankster.. removing it all from my room when I asked him to) and the germans had a lot of picnics (not including Felix, who is adamant that "germans don't have picnics so they can't be german")

Looking forward to the photos..

Friday, September 01, 2006

The most money I have ever spent in one go..

I have just bought a new bike. It is beautiful.. I think I shall name it marvin.

It is a specialized crossroad comp..? and is so light and gorgeous and exciting and just cost me £350.

We aren't thinking about that part!

I did nearly just fall off it though coming down the hill as the brakes are so much better than on my last bike.. a bit scary!!