Saturday, August 26, 2006


So we've decided that we are going to try and stay in our current house which gives me joy because I get to harvest my tomatoes (when they finally decide to get a shift on and ripen finally) but also does mean the stress of trying to find a housemate that wants to live in Crystal Palace. Incidentally, if you are a normal(ish) person and would like to live here please let me know!

I hope we do. I don't want to be encumbered by someone's rent. We saw a girl this morning but we all agreed that we thought she might be a bit wild, possibly also a bit scary. Which is kind of an instant no. Would you tell potential housemates that you "quite often stay out til 5am" and "will go anywhere for a late drink" and "try to sneak Smirnoff ice out of the late licence bar?" Hmm. So possibly she was a bit stupid as well.

Still there are still potentials in the pipeline. The difficulty is finding people who don't think Crystal Palace is the other end of the world just because it isn't on the tube.

I might go down to Devon this week with my sister and my mum. It's kind of all dependent on house- stuff and whether I get enough work done on Monday and Tuesday. I have been a bit slack of late.

My fantasy football team is utterly gash so far, which at least means I can distance myself from it and accept mediocrity.. if only the same could be said for rounders. That is going to be a fun weekend..


Thursday, August 17, 2006


Bloody pillocks! Why is the 2nd to last train from clapham junction to Crystal Palace 2 minutes earlier than ALL THE OTHER TRAINS? Because it's at 23:12 I just miss the connection and have to stand there longer than 15 minutes waiting for the next one. It just doesn't make any sense.

The other side of the coin is that I have time to eat a pasty. Last night's pasty being hotter than the sun and causing me to burn my mouth in greed.

so last night was a night of ultimate sporting nature . Played rounders after work with the lads (we are training for the DEFRA sports day- last year we won MEDALS and everything.) hahaha. And following this I went to badminton and proceeded to whop it up there. Brilliant. We are currently all strugglng to get to grips with the new scoring system (now much more like table tennis), and I was stuggling not to serve into the net.

Why do people choose to confide thir deepest darkest secrets in me? It's very flattering but quite often these people are people I don't know too well. For instance last night one of the guys from badminton told me all about his marriage being on the rocks and he hasn't told any of his friends yet and one of our teachers from work told me all about her relationship breakdown in great detail, which is good and I'm obviously very happy to listen and help where I can but i'm not really sure I'm the best person to be offering advice about these things, what with never having been married and all.

Maybe I just have a kind face?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Le weekend

Do you think it is wrong to have more than 1 roast dinner in a day? I don't.

Anyway have been back to the big H this weekend for mother Wenda's birthday which has been nice, and I have had some good kitten action. Oh YES!!

Am currently lying in bed according to my work avoidance schedule (ie:not going to work). which is nice.

Went round to Pilch and Steen's flat last night for a good feed and to inspect their new place- which is gorgeous (although partly due to hideous sums of money being spent in certain swedish furniture outlets- so I suspect I will never have a beautiful house). Everyone's getting old and either buying houses/flats or moving in with their boyfriends/girlfriends (except me!!). It's all a bit scary.

We should really enter into a sweepstake for the first couple to tie the knot- although quite frankly that would not only be a bit smug, it would also be very scary. I don't think any of us are particularly imminent anyway (apart from a couple of my friends from home and some others from uni- but they have been togther for ever and aren't really in the london crowd). Actually thinking about it, it's only really going to be between about 2 or 3 couples anyway unless we are considering civil parnerships..... anyway enough as I am scaring myself. NONE OF US CAN AFFORD IT ANYWAY BECAUSE WE LIVE IN LONDON!!!!

Went to see Louise and the baby again the other day- new babies are very floppy aren't they?

Again don't seem to want one of those.

I think I would go a bit crazy in possession of a small baby. I mean bearing in mind I can't drive and you can't really stick a new baby on the back of a bike what would I do all day? I think it would make me go mad with boredom -you have to completely give up your life.

I'm sure I will change my mind at some point but seeing Louise in her flat with this small creature was a real eye-opener!(she doesn't know about my blog: otherwise I wouldn't be writing this!) Still she does seem to be happy and has descrised the process so far as "fun" so I guess it can't be all that bad.

Well those are my thoughts on matters anyway. Now all that remains s to decide what to do with the day ahead. Decision 1: Whether to hang washing on line bearing in mind it looks as though it may widdle (what a fun word) it down with rain....

Friday, August 11, 2006


Everyone's crap. I want to go to the pub (because that's Friday law) after work and all the losers have gone home/ to help people move/ on "lads" nights. I WANT TO GO TO THE PUB!!!

I am going to the pub but not til 8 and in Clapham. Problems with this are: a) It's Clapham and thereby rubbish and full of knobs (sorry if you live there, you may not be a knob BUT THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM THERE) b) Clapham requires me cycling to Clapham c) I want a beer not in 3 hours, NOW.


An aside: went to the sainsbury's not once but twice. It is BRILLIANT as anticipated and has a fish counter. The atmosphere was carnivallic (not a word, is now) with loads of olds all overjoyed saying such things as "This has been a long time in coming" and "is there any free stuff". So a grey carnival, but one none the less.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A morning

There are perils to taking ones bike on a train. Even after the Southern allotted peak time bike ban.

Last night after a rather successful rounders training session and a couple of beers, I began to wend my weary way home, on the train with my bike beacuse I don't do night riding after work.

Anyway the trains were quiet and all was well.. until I reached Balham, when my bike fell over some foreigner (italian or somesuch) decided to hurl abuse at me for taking my bike on the train (even though - and yep am being a bit racist here- it's our country -and the train wasn't busy anyway!!)

Anyway having disembarked back at the Palace I noticed that my brakes had gone all funny. Never mind I thought, I can take it to the bike shop in the morning. It's only up the hill... or so I thought. So this morning I waited until the shop opened (10 I rightly guessed) and battled my way up the hill (with a scarily wonky looking wheel) only to find it was a) closed and b) had a sign on the door saying that they weren't taking any more repairs anyway.

Onwards into the breach!! (or Streatham) But no bike shops were in evidence.

Onwards! To Tooting to be more precise where I found a Halfords.... with no bike mechanic.


Finally at Balham I found one, who are going to charge me a tenner for the pleasure of replacing one spoke.


Things I never knew about Balham: It has a Waitrose.

Exciting things that are happening tomorrow:
b) Ear syringing
c) Bike collecting
d) Baby visiting
e) Gardening
f) Flat hunting

Things I will NOT be doing tomorrow:
a) work


Monday, August 07, 2006

Welcome to the garden of joy

Well, I've upped sticks like the rest of them as 20six has become too darned difficult to customise (unless you know HTML- which I don't!)

SO welcome to the garden of joy.

This morning I have sacked off work in favour of:
a) Cleaning my bike (while getting bitten by mosquitos- most notably on the arse- ow! nb: anyone who knows about smelsb and mosquitos will know that her arse will now most likely swell to double it's original size. Nice.)
b) Looking in my pond (in an exciting turn of events this morning I found a dragonfly larva)
c) Riding my newly cleaned bike up and down the road in the rain (hurrah!)
d) Roasting a chicken (later)
e) Making an appointment to have my ears syringed. Yep I am disgusting. - but this does give me the opportunity to sack off work once again on Thursday- HURRAH!

SO a day of JOY awaits. And most probably I shall spend it cleaning my house. BOO.