Saturday, August 26, 2006


So we've decided that we are going to try and stay in our current house which gives me joy because I get to harvest my tomatoes (when they finally decide to get a shift on and ripen finally) but also does mean the stress of trying to find a housemate that wants to live in Crystal Palace. Incidentally, if you are a normal(ish) person and would like to live here please let me know!

I hope we do. I don't want to be encumbered by someone's rent. We saw a girl this morning but we all agreed that we thought she might be a bit wild, possibly also a bit scary. Which is kind of an instant no. Would you tell potential housemates that you "quite often stay out til 5am" and "will go anywhere for a late drink" and "try to sneak Smirnoff ice out of the late licence bar?" Hmm. So possibly she was a bit stupid as well.

Still there are still potentials in the pipeline. The difficulty is finding people who don't think Crystal Palace is the other end of the world just because it isn't on the tube.

I might go down to Devon this week with my sister and my mum. It's kind of all dependent on house- stuff and whether I get enough work done on Monday and Tuesday. I have been a bit slack of late.

My fantasy football team is utterly gash so far, which at least means I can distance myself from it and accept mediocrity.. if only the same could be said for rounders. That is going to be a fun weekend..


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