Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Generally have had a completely manic few weeks culminating in the rounders competition last weekend. No we didn't win. Came up against some hard hitting scallys (or dullards as lara termed them) who (just) knocked us out in the semis- bastards.

Came third, a place which I think could be a result of the near constant consumption of stella both the night before, the morning before and during the competition (Ben's arguement being that it seemed to work last year)... The same Ben incidentally who made us stop on the hard shoulder of the M25 to go for a wee because he "couldn't hold it in any longer" ( he was clutching a plastic bottle at the time and the hard shoulder was definitely the preferable option judging by the size of the bottle)....

We developed some good "celebratory tactics" in the form of much arse smacking and "riding the bull" (it's probably best not to ask), which Ben and James demonstrated to excellent effect around the mini roundabouts of york in the middle of the night (among other places). Watch this space for the new "dance sensation" hitting the North East. They certanly bemused several young ladies with their antics anyway...

It was very fun though. After the competition was over we hit the streets of historic York, without much regard for the history, more an insatiable desire for alcohol, which was consumed in quantity followed by nearly a very big mistake in visiting the nightlife (a club called Gallery- thank the sweet lord lawrence was wearing trainers) and then the discovery of an awesome disco where much arse smacking and riding of the bull was beheld. Spectacular.

Lara also managed to "fuck off one of the dullards" to excellent effect by calling him a dullard at high volume in the street (who doesn't know what the royal botanic gardens are I ask you?!)Unfortunately his friend did't quite get the hint and proceeded to hang around looking creepy all night. Lara also demonstrated some excellent work in getting Andy "I don't dance" to dance (well sort of anyway, if you count manually dragging him around the dance floor)

Aside from all this Lawrence did some truly nasty things with a hat on the dance floor to stop some poor northern lad borrowing it, James spent a lot of time running round the "conference accomodation" with large handfuls of toilet roll (he's a very considerate prankster.. removing it all from my room when I asked him to) and the germans had a lot of picnics (not including Felix, who is adamant that "germans don't have picnics so they can't be german")

Looking forward to the photos..

Friday, September 01, 2006

The most money I have ever spent in one go..

I have just bought a new bike. It is beautiful.. I think I shall name it marvin.

It is a specialized crossroad comp..? and is so light and gorgeous and exciting and just cost me £350.

We aren't thinking about that part!

I did nearly just fall off it though coming down the hill as the brakes are so much better than on my last bike.. a bit scary!!