Friday, October 06, 2006


There is a distinct possibility that I may still be drunk from last night. Went out for "a couple of drinks" which turned rapidly into a few too many drinks and "Oh god I've missed the last train". Something I also managed to do the night before, only the night before I was sober enough to cycle to Clapham and go home from there. I am having a bad week.

Last night (after having cycled down the Mortlake Road without my back light which I'd left on my desk) I realised that the only option was to stay at Crazy phil's house, who then proceeded to spend the entire night fidgeting and who's friend phoned him at about 6am and who then watched wildlife programmes for ages until he decided it was time to go to sleep.

On a positive note I did manage to acquire some good subliminal knowledge (in my half asleep state) about Tapiers, which are apparantly a cross between a horse and a pig and are just a few evolutionary steps away from being a horse. I then had some crazy dreams about showjumping Tapiers.


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