Sunday, November 05, 2006


Before I begin another rant can I just embark upon another to point out how horrible it is trying type on a laptop that makes you publish a blog when you are nowhere near ready to and where the keyboard is too small to type without mistakes?

So I am probably a total hypocrite for not going to the climate change march (which in some ways I am quite glad I didn't goto - Katie Melua and that guy from Razorlight being 2 of them) on Saturday after my recent environmental diatribes, but I didn't have anyone that wanted to go with me and I had to go and get my bike from the shop after the gear cable snapped on Wednesday.

Anyway, this week's good deed is volunteering to help staff the Crystal Palace Museum, a job which I think will be really interesting and I hope I can offer some skills to, with my links at certain other places with big glasshouses built around a similar time... Am going on a tour of the park next weekend so we can just wait and see. I find local history really quite fascinating, particularly around this area, so I think this will be a good way of finding out more about it and hopefully doing a bit in my community as well.

I need to work out how to post pictures on this blog. Maybe one day I'll get Mike to show me or maybe even spend enough time doing this that I work it out for myself.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our impending doom

We're all going to die in a massive flood because middle aged women refuse to get on their bikes or use public transport because it "isn't convenient enough".


I have NO understanding of why you would choose to sit in your car in a traffic jam in the morning in London, when there are perfectly good transport links available and you are only travelling a distance of about three metres anyway!!!

It makes me mad. Especially since I cycle for about 2 hours every day to get to and from work and I have to join the traffic jams that are caused by these morons.